Salkara Restaurants

The soul of Malabar’s finest flavours

Salkara injects cosmopolitan flair into Malabar food traditions dating back to the glorious ‘70s and ‘80s that lend the region’s classic recipes their passionate flavour and enticing appeal.

Surrounded by the nostalgic allure of the Malabar of the past, enchanted memories of times gone by come naturally, along with a menu that brims with savoury dishes made from the finest ingredients.

The Malabar Romance

Reminiscing about the Malabar of yesterday conjures up a yearning for the good old days – of relentless monsoons, crystal clear waters, mesmerising vistas and unique culinary traditions rooted in culture.

The House of Malabar Cuisine

A true reflection of Malabar’s vibrant culinary scene, Salkara evokes the magic of its rich aromas and earthy, delectable palate at Calicut, Kerala that is sure to transport you back in time.

Growing Success

From the time Salkara opened its first outlet in Dubai, it has earned its place among the very best of Dubai’s bustling dining scene, growing to establish our footprint in 3 locations across the emirates.


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Introducing Special Menus Every Month

Introducing special menus every month

Aug: 30 -2022

New outlet started at Al Warqa, Dubai

New outlet started at Al Warqa

Aug: 30 -2022
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